The Sciatic Nerve…

The Sciatic Nerve…

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The sciatic nerve is the longest in the human body. Its roots originate in the lumbar and sacral spines. The sciatic nerve
supplies nerve impulses that controls muscle function of the whole leg down through the foot. The sciatic controls the posterior and inner thigh muscles and the calf muscles of the leg. All sensations in these same areas are also due to proper function of the sciatic nerve.

Primary health professionals including chiropractors refer to irritation of the sciatic nerve as “Sciatica”. Sciatica will produce a multitude of symptoms of pain with severe shock-like symptoms being the most common symptoms. Other common symptoms are burning and cramping of the muscles of the buttock, posterior thigh and calf muscles. Loss of feeling, numbness, pins and needles and other similar symptoms can all be attributed to sciatica.

Different injuries will cause sciatica. Herniated discs, piriformis syndrome, which is described as the piriformis muscle squeezing the sciatic nerve, and osteoarthritis, are some examples that cause sciatica. Vertebral subluxation complexes can also cause sciatica type symptoms. Chiropractors are experts at treating vertebral subluxations, treating injuries such as herniated disks and can treat most spinal problems causing sciatica.

Chiropractors evaluate and find the source of sciatica. The chiropractor can then proceed with an appropriate treatment plan for the relief of sciatica and correction of subluxations in the spine.

Dr Jean-Luc LeBlanc, chiropractor

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